One week to go


This time next week I will have finished my first day back at work, and will, no doubt, be wanting a long bath and bed. Maybe if I’m very lucky, I’ll already be in bed!

E is very excited that daddy will be there all the time, very. In fact he danced around the kitchen far too happily.

H doesn’t have an opinion, not one he can express! He’s 19 weeks today and still swamped by 0-3 month clothes. I didn’t realise he would still be so little at this point, that he would need me this much.

E was always a daddy’s boy, right from the get go. H is definitely a momma’s boy. It’s rather sweet to see him trying to throw himself into my arms if I’m not the one holding him.

I’m expecting to feel sick the night before I go back. Rather like it’s the first day of school again. I need to go clothes shopping, I’ve lost quite a bit of weight and my old clothes don’t fit. I’m having difficulty finding ones which do as my hips are still wide and I still have a preggo belly. Which is fairly normally apparently. My lovely ex-midwife told me last week it will take at least another 6-8 months for my belly to go down. Something to do with hormones.

So I will be clothes shopping next week, and probably having a meltdown in the shops as no clothes fit properly. I hate clothes shopping.

We have been busy sorting H out for the past few weeks. We saw the paediatrician (she wasn’t nice) and took H for blood tests last week ( v v traumatic) and finally seeing a dietician tomorrow. It’s a home visit as H is “such an urgent case”. I’m sure it will be fine

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