Catch up


I’ve been away from the blog for a bit, I’d say I was “making the most of being with the boys” or something else smultchy. In actual fact, I’ve spent a lot of time eating cake, crisps, and watching Mad Men. While spending time with the boys, of course.

We walked up Rivington Pike with friends on Good Friday. E walked pretty much the whole way up and down the pike. I was really proud of him, he just got on with it. I carried H in the sling and he slept the whole time.

H has finally hit 10lb at just over 15 weeks. I’m very very happy, which seems odd I know, but it was a target I’ve had in my head for ages. Next step, him growing out of newborn/up to one month clothes.

I go back to work in little under 5 weeks. Which is no time. Suddenly I’m feeling sad that I’ll miss the summer (what little we have of it) playing in the park. Also, E is just so funny, he’s sarcastic and witty, and a freaking joy! DH is going to get the best times with H as he learns to do more. So I’m a little jealous too.

I am looking forward to drinking a hot drink, and peeing with the door closed. That’s exciting!

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