“Mammy, these are yummy”


Happy Mother’s Day for yesterday!

I had a good day, a lie in (until 8:15!) then some presents, a box of thorntons toffee and a new book, then I went to church with H while E went with his dad to have breakfast with my mother in law.

Got home from church and lay in bed for a while reading and eating toffee. It was all very relaxed until bedtime. As I was settling H, I noticed E had gone very quiet. He was tucked up in my bed, his hands filled with toffee and his mouth all toffee drooly. He saw me, gave me the biggest grin and said “Mammy, these are yummy” I know! They were mine!

They had to be thrown out. Toddler drool and a box of toffee doesn’t go. Still, had a lovely roast dinner made by DH.

The book is brilliant, it called The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson. DH is a big fan of the audio books but I wasn’t convinced. So in a risky move he bought me the book. It’s just brilliant. It’s a fantasy book, really well written, and a good plot so far!

Today I’m going to Boundry Mills in Colne with the in laws. I can’t say I’ve ever really wanted to go, they keep inviting me, so I feel a little obliged. I’m sure it will be fine. I need to work out how to say “Stop trying to take over my sons” when they, the in laws, get over excited about the boys being there.

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