Why a baby sleeping through the night isn’t always a good thing


H doesn’t eat enough. More precisely, he eats enough for his weight (most of the time) he just doesn’t weigh enough for his age.

Babies and children are measured against a centile chart (I’d put a link here, but I’m technologically inept remember? So Google is your friend) which tells the HCPs that your baby is fat/thin/somewhere in the middle. Ideally a baby should follow along his centile line. H started off on the 9th centile, he has dropped to the 0.4th. This is a very bad thing they think the problem is there because he doesn’t eat for 12 hours of the day, well, night. Since he was 2 weeks old, H refuses bottles at night. His last bottle is at 6-7pm and then he’s out for the count. When he wakes up it’s because he wants a cuddle, not milk. Believe me, I’ve tried giving him milk. He either pools it in his mouth, or sicks it up again. Happily he’s healthy, and happy, very alert, plenty of the appropriate nappy, just doesn’t seem to want milk. He’s 11 wks and 2 days old and doesn’t weigh 10lb yet. He’s only put on 2lb 4ozs since birth.

We’ve been referred to the relevant Dr and are waiting for help. Meanwhile I’ve logged exactly how much milk he drank yesterday. 23.5ozs. Which isn’t enough. Not even for his tiny weight. 12 hours after his last bottle he woke and only took 3ozs. He’s had another 2 so far. This isn’t good.

Hungry baby milk is out because it doesn’t have enough calories to justify it (1kcal extra in 100ml) we’ve tried a new bottle (he didn’t like it) tried warming/cooling his milk, nothing. I really don’t know what else to try. I was told to not give him a dummy as that can interfere, so instead he chews his hands as he just wants to suck, not drink. So I’m at my wits end.

I didn’t realise how much I’d worry about my children, especially when one of them is with me all the time!

2 thoughts on “Why a baby sleeping through the night isn’t always a good thing

  1. We’ve had a similar challenge with weight gain, albeit C’s gone from being off the top of the chart down to the 50th centile…a big drop but by no means small! However this week she’s gone from sleeping through or waking up once, to feeding every hour and a half last night. As long as she puts on weight this week it’ll be worth it though..!

    • Thank you, it’s a lot of fun this whole baby thing.

      I’m keeping a detailed log of when he eats. Thursday it was 23ozs, yesterday was 20ozs, so far today it’s 7.

      I’m hoping the Dr gets in touch soon.

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