Day off from children


Dh has said that when he has his week off from work (in a couple of weeks) he wants me to go away for the day so he can have both boys alone. He didn’t quite phrase it as that, but that was what he was getting at.

I’m unsure about this for two reasons.

First, he’s never spent more than an hour -two at the most- with the boys alone. Even when I went to work for a KIT day, E was at nursery until 1, his dad came at 2, and I arrived home from work at 3. I don’t think he’s even dressed H more than twice. Which is why, of course, he should practise.

Second, I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with myself for the day. I debated going to work, but I’m not sure. I don’t go anywhere alone anymore, I get bored by myself. All my friends work, or have young children too. I know this sounds harsh, but if I’m not with my own kids, I really don’t want to be hanging out with someone’s child. If I get a day off from children I want to enjoy it, however lovely those children are.

I’m just genuinely at a loss. I’m not the sort of person who would enjoy a spa day, and I’m so used to doing stuff at break-neck speed that even having a coffee and reading a book at a shop only lasts 30mins before the coffee is done. Any thoughts anyone? If it helps, I live in the north-west within a short train ride of Manchester.

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