About me


I never know what to do say in these things. Admittedly, I never expect anyone else to read it! Here goes:

I’m late twenties, female, married, with 2 little boys. My oldest, E, is 2.5 and the youngest, H, is 8 weeks. In 12 weeks I go back to work full time and my husband will be staying off with the boys for the rest of my Mat leave. When the leave runs out, he’ll be working part time and at home the rest of the time. It’s a big change for our little family, one I’m excited about but also really nervous. 

This blog is going to, hopefully, chart the adventures to be had while DH (dear husband… I’ve been on Mumsnet too long) “babysits” the children. Of course he isn’t actually babysitting, you don’t babysit your own children, but that’s what everyone (massive exaggeration there) is calling the role reversal in our home.

At the moment, DH thinks he’ll have an easy time of it. I’m sure he thinks I’m making up how rubbish it is sometimes. He also thinks he’ll be able to watch the while World Cup. Fool! He will watch too much Thomas the Tank Engine like I currently do, all the while trying to make sure the home is running properly. I’m not saying it’s really difficult, it can be, but it’s really boring doing all the housework.

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